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All our garments are available in Opaque Fusion®, Opaque Action® and Opaque Lead® collections. The collections differ from each other in the use of protective shielding materials, weight and price. The outer and inner materials and design are the same for all the collections.


The outer material is easy to wash with common washing, disinfecting and cleaning agents. The inner material is antiallergic and it has anti-odor qualities. The inner and outer materials provide a quick-drying finish, resistance to moisture and dirt.

Our top collection the Opaque Fusion®, is made of two-layers of lead-free materials and meets the strictest criteria for weight and protection. The Opaque Fusion® is the ideal choice for healthcare professionals who work during the long sessions with ionizing radiation. Thanks to its fully lead-free composition it is environmentally friendly.

The lead-based Opaque Action® collection is still one of the lightest two layers protective materials on the market.

Available colors

All garments are available in several colors of fabrics and ribbons.

Different combinations can serve as an indicator of size or owner.



Royal Blue

Navy Blue






Metallic Blue


Metallic Green


Attention : note please that the colours on the web site may differ from the real ones depending on the monitor settings. Contact our sales representative for the colour sample.


colors strips.jpg

Adjusting of

vest + skirt

  • Possibility to enlarge / reduce armholes

  • Standard vest length is 58 cm, possibility of extension / shortening

  • Possibility of personalization by adding of logo or monogram

  • Possibility of additional overlap on the vest (extension)

  • Standard skirt length is 58 cm, possibility of extension / shortening

  • Possibility of additional overlap on the skirt (extension)

Adjusting of aprons

  • Possibility to enlarge / reduce armholes

  • Possibility of personalization by adding of logo or monogram

  • Standard apron length is 110 cm, possibility of extension / shortening

  • Possibility of additional apron covering (extension)


  • Personalize your garment by adding a logo, name or design embroidery from our catalog.


vesta putko.jpg
  • Connection of the thyroid shield with the garment

Clothing care

We recommend to store our clothes on our Easy-Keep and Flexi-Keep hanging systems, which are designed to our clothes. Proper storage is a guarantee for a long life of your radiation protection clothing and prevents damage to the radioprotective material. The product should not be folded.

Inspection of the radiation protection garments should be performed at least annually by fluoroscopy testing. It is prohibited to use the chlorine-containing solvents and the use of abrasive cleaners.


Cleaning the surface of the outer and inner material

The normal cleaning instruction call for wiping the surface clean with a sponge or cloth using warm soapy water.

If necessary, standard hospital disinfection can also be used.

Some temporary surface wrinkling may result from cleaning procedures. Take extra care when wiping the garments, to minimize wrinkling. Wrinkling has no adverse effect on the fabric properties.

Abrasive cleaning products may not be used. Do not use solvent or bleaches on the fabric.

Following agents should not be used as they may harm the fabric:

  •  Diethyl-ether

  •  Hibitane 0,5% red in 60% Isopropanol

  •  Hibitane 0,5% neutral in 60% Isopropanol

  •  Steranios 2% os Surfanios.

These instructions can be found on the hang-tag of each garment.

* For more information, please contact your sales representative.

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